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Symptoms Of Stomach Fluid and Rescue

Symptoms Of Stomach Fluid and Rescue

This is not the original flu, but it also occurs with a virus that causes one to another. Dust, molecule and ultimate are called a stomach flu, but it does not flow from the flu. Flu is a short name of influenza which is respiratory viral disease.
Like many other viral diseases, gastrointestinal flu is also viral, but its germs are different from other fluids. This inflammation of the first called psorrintrintitis takes place quickly and ends soon. Bacteria and parasites It may be due to this, but usually it causes a virus.
Its most common virus is the virus that easily moves into others. The period of October and April in North America in North America and North America seems rapidly. Occasionally it also occurs in the flu season, which often consumes cheats.

How does the stomach flow spread?
Many symptoms of stomach flu are mixed with food poisoning. Fod position occurs from eating poor food and does not look at one another, while the stomach flu seems to be one from another. This virus transfers rapidly from one another. It is called asthma because it quickly casts the person present.
If a patient is overwhelmed or dried, breathing in this atmosphere may take this virus. It is also possible to cure a patient or eating a patient prepared by the patient.

Similarly, it can take a virus by handling the wash basin used for the patient’s end. Most small children hand over different things. Then that’s why you put it in the mouth and thus get rid of it. Similarly, the elders also clean their hands but when they carry their mobile phones at the germs where they are, they are not safe from this virus.
9 to 25 percent of people are germed by their mobile phones. It is necessary to clean their mobiles everyday with clean hands.

Be careful at the beginning of the winter

When the gastrointestinal fluid resides?
Germs of gastric flu often cause immune fluid, despite keeping information about them, people are not safe from them.
Symptoms of Nurvors begin to appear after 16 to 24 hours after the patient meets, and it stays for one to three days. However, its virus signs remain longer than two weeks after the symptoms occur. In 24 hours Well, but this virus remains in your body for a few days.
Likewise, Nurvors have been on tough places such as Kunter etc. for several weeks.
Symptoms of fluorescence from Rotavirus occur in 2 days, 3 to 10 days of adenosis, where symptoms occur from estroborir in 5 days.

How to save from stomach flu?
After the stomach fluid you have to take some steps to bear it. Apart from this, leukydrates will have to be used so that they can avoid de-hydration.
This disease is infected and expands rapidly and does not have any special treatment, so the patient with a disease can be given more liquidity so that they can easily tolerate this disease.
The infants are given vaccine to prevent ravors, but other people should also take care of their hands to avoid it. And this should be used as soap and hot water. Apart from this, Alcohol The senators (which contain at least 20% alcohol) can also sterilize hands.
Take care of your cleaning to avoid this disease. From whichever comes or preparing food, you wash your hands well. If you are a patient, do not get out of the house at home .If a patient comes home After going away, clean the hard places and the center.
Pregnant women, elderly and children, or low-pressure immunity are more vulnerable to fluid fluid. If the disease is more than three days or can not be levied within 24 hours, refer to the doctor.

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