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Acne and cure in the winter

Acne and cure in the winter

When the winter begins, dry and cool start running, due to which there are other factors affecting life, there are some issues related to health. Due to the dry season, a lack of body deficiency starts to occur in the body, and the skin effects begin to appear significantly on the skin, with pain, heart, influenza and throat pain, cold cough and chest, as well as pain problems. Are there E * Cooling:
Generally cold, the body starts producing coconut and thirst, which is tried to help with the help of warm clothes, but due to the other reason it is cooling in the chest, resulting in the severity of the pain. In this case, save the body from cold water, avoid unhealthy bathing clothes and keep warm clothes precisely. Use of inflammatory and semi-honey benefits in such a way.

  • Throat drainage.
    This is a winter disease that affects older, old and child all. Which is usually called viral infection. The observation and experience has shown that the climate change is common due to temperature change or cooling out of the hot room. And the throat is affected. The easiest way to solve this problem is to grind it with semi-hot water, it will decrease the severity of the disease and it will help prevent the throat’s complaint in spite of anti-flanderry.
  • Astonomy breathing problem:.
    Cold weather in the winter season is the biggest cause of developing this disease. Therefore, stomach patients need special care and precautions in the winter because it is difficult to breathe along with Wheezing. Therefore, the most important procedure for safety measures is to be indoors in cold winter days, but if you need to get out of the house very important, then cover the nose and mouth with scarf, always with them Take the necessary medicines. It takes relief in breathing, as well as nebulization is also useful.

Patients with dysfunction are exposed. Their complaint and severity of pain increase in cool weather. There is no clear reason for this yet to discover how to increase cold pain. But there is no evidence that weather change can cause disaster or disorder. Therefore, most of the patients are also suffering from depression as well as the depression due to depression. In this case daily exercise has a positive effect on physical and mental health.

  • Heart Attack:.
    Heart attack is the most common winter disease. This season increases blood pressure, which has negative effects on heart attack. In addition, the heart rate increases in the cold weather, because the body keeps the body cool in heart, intuitive. It is important to follow some important things to avoid it. Heat the interior parts of your home Each room should be heating up to 18c. Use hot blanket and hot water to cover the entire skin and keep the woolen hats, muffler, scarf, warm gloves and slippers in this regard.
  • Cold Hand:.
    This is a common disease in the winter, with fingers and feet fingers cool at all times, in such a situation, their color changes also, the fingers are white, then blue, and eventually red. The pain also seems to be felt. It is a sign that blood flow is very low to these fingers, in many cases this complaint can be removed from various medical medicines. But such cases appear to be that those patients who have this disease take time with their symptoms of any treatment therapies.

In order to avoid it, smoking is absolutely necessary to completely stop smoking and caffeine use. Apart from this, it is also important to wear gloves, slippers and shoes.

  • Dry skin:
    This is a common skin disease, which is more severe in cold weather. When the moisture volume or proportion is reduced shortly. Therefore, it is important to keep the furniture very early, in this case, different standard engineering options and creams can also be applied. But remember that the best time to put them before sleeping and after bathing is.

Remember that the water of the bath should not be too hot, but it is better to wash with semi-hot water. Very hot water makes the skin dry more dry and itchy, and in addition to the excessive heat of hair bath And it starts to dry.

  • Flow:.
    This is the most important and most vulnerable disease in the cold weather. Repeat it frequently and stay away from water for protection. Also, use Fluorrhea orphanage with Flu Nasal Spray. In this case flu vaccine is best to save flu. Fluorescence transfers easily from one individual to another. Therefore, the patients of the flu must keep tissues or pulp with them so that they can be protected from other risk.

In the cold weather the ear infection complaint starts becoming normal. And most of the victims suffer from it. Cold heads affect the inner parts of the ear, which result in infection. This sign includes earache and nausea.

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